a \'smart bulb\' that is controlled by mobile phone

by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-25
London: A group of young Australian inventors gave this humble bulb a trendy upgrade.
They have developed \"the smartest bulb in the world\" that can automatically dim, change color, stroboscope, turn on the switch, and have full control over the phone.
According to The Telegraph, the inventor has received nearly £ 1 to build 42 light bulbs to have a disco in your kitchen.
LIFX bulbs will provide users with the ability to quickly dim their lights on romantic nights
Or turn on the disco flash to improvise.
There are 42 bulbs each with a 25-year life span, and the cost of bulbs is amazing compared to normal energy
Save fluorescent bulbs, available in just 2 minutes, usually for 10 years.
However, the project has received amazing support since its launch.
The bulb is promoted by company founder Phil Bosua as \"the smartest bulb in the world\" and if you lose your phone it will twist into a normal light fixture that functions like a normal light bulb
\"Traditional bulbs also use a lot of power, and those energy-efficient fluorine bulbs have cold white light that we all hate,\" Basua said . \".
\"So I started thinking with all the technology we have today, and there will certainly be a better way.
I mean, we don\'t get up and change TV anymore, so why are we still changing TV with lights?
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