blue-collar trump voters are shrugging at their tax cuts

by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-24
DAYTON, Ohio —
At Slater\'s Tavern, Mechanic Matt Cazi had a few beers while waiting for his burger to take home for dinner.
His bill is about equal to his income growth.
After President Trump\'s tax cuts entered national wages, household wages rose.
\"I saw a rise in my salary, about $30 I expected,\" he said . \"
Kazee voted for President Obama in 2008, and then for him.
Trump is in the 2016 election.
\"For me, it feels like it was 15 years ago.
He did not respond as the Republicans thought.
White work
Class voters in central and western industrial areas help
Trump at the White House now sees additional cash from tax cuts, the president\'s signature domestic policy achievements, and the foundations of hope for the Republican election in November.
But economic and political results are not unexpected gains.
Other workers say their growth is enough to maintain a week of gasoline or a few gallons of milk, an increase of $40 a fortnight and an increase of $2 a week.
Few people complain, but the working class here doesn\'t feel new wealth.
Some believe that the benefits of tax cuts will eventually disappear.
\"He will pull out the jazz hands and shiny things and screw us on the back end,\" said Brian barcaro, a worker at recarth Lumber, who once bought wood for their planeIn 2016, Mr.
Trump has raised similar suspicions, especially among white people who are overwhelmed by the financial crisis and stuck to jobs where technology and global competition are changing.
He narrowly won Montgomery County in grand Dayton, the first Republican to do so since 1988.
If Republicans are to maintain control over Congress, they will need those voters to return in the fall.
Increase in takeout-Mr. family wage.
Kazee is among the top 20 workers interviewed.
Pubs, lumberjacks, machine shops, restaurants and municipal buildings --
The impact of tax cuts on them. Mr.
Trump often talks about how ordinary workers will get $2,000 or more, but most workers say they don\'t expect anything close to that. “In the blue-
Collar world, it\'s about looking for more things on the weekend, \"sat Mr.
Kazee of Slyder\'s, every stool in the bar is full and most of them work by hand.
Dark wood and neon signs herald another era in a blue place
Since Harry Truman became president, the workers have arrived.
Some say they are most concerned about rising health care costs, while others question whether getting more money now means paying more later.
The Dayton region\'s economy has been hit by the financial crisis, with a median household income of about $46,000 and manufacturing particularly hard hit.
The unemployment rate was 13 in January 2010. 2 percent.
It has been steadily declining since then, about 4 years old. 6% today
But the rise in numbers does not tell the whole story.
GM\'s main plant in Moran was closed in 2008 and about 2,000 jobs were eliminated. A Chinese-
The company that owns the glass of the car has replaced it, and the number of jobs is roughly the same, but the salary is only half.
This downward liquidity affects smaller machine shops and general manufacturing, drives down wages, and increases his sense of discontent and resentment. Trump’s rise.
\"I think more shame is needed in the world . \"Cossell said.
A strong supporter of Mr. Rob Wright
Trump, who works at a machine store, said the extra $30 he saw in his salary was \"$30 a week that the government didn\'t see \".
\"All I can count on is a little extra money,\" he shrugged . \".
\"It won\'t change my life.
For the rest of his machine shop, he says, it\'s a few gallons of milk and bread that feed the child.
\"At the recarth Lumber on the edge of the city center, Matt Higgins stopped after moving a pile of wood to a forklift.
He said he supported Obama.
Trump \"just because I don\'t trust Hillary.
He said that the change in his salary was moderate and difficult to calculate because his working hours would fluctuate, but he knew one thing: \"It would never change my life.
One of his young colleagues. workers, Mr.
Barkalow is more skeptical than grateful.
He said he was worried that he would owe more taxes next year.
He noticed a slight increase in his check.
\"It\'s about gas money, but it\'s about it,\" he said . \"
Barkalow didn\'t vote for him. Trump.
At Insignia, his Logo Company
Cossell works, and Brandon eiert helps him put banners on twisted wing brewing company trucks. Mr.
Eibert said he was concerned that the current tax cut could mean he would not get a refund next year.
\"The tax relief is only to give you money now, not to give you money later? ” he asked.
\"I use taxes as mandatory savings,\" he said . \"
When he receives a refund, he will use the money to \"go on a trip or buy something \".
\"He estimates that the extra cash could be a week\'s gas, but it\'s not enough to take his girlfriend to a big dinner.
When asked which candidate he supported in 2016,
\"It\'s a pity that I voted for Trump,\" said eiert.
He said that the president\'s attitude made him postpone more than his policy and that he would not vote for him again.
\"It was a bit awkward to hear the way he spoke, tacky and uneducated.
In April, his colleague Sakach said she was excited about the extra $30 to $40 in her salary.
\"Every penny is important to me,\" she said . \".
But it won\'t change her opposition to the president.
\"It makes me not like him anymore,\" she said . \".
\"He needs to do more to get me on his side.
I don\'t know if he has the ability to do so.
She added, \"I can say what you think, but you are the face of the United States and you cannot do what he is doing.
It makes us look like a joke.
\"A few miles south, a small one in paradm Industrial-
The impact on personal finances seems to be similar.
Dan Neff said that his wife paid the bill at home and she noticed that it had increased \"right away.
\"About $6 a week.
\"It\'s lunch money,\" he said . \"
\"Nevertheless, it is still moving in the right direction.
He voted for the president and expressed his support for Obama.
Trump \"to the greatest extent. ”His co-
The workers of Dan mark are not quite sure.
\"It\'s always good to get a few more dollars in your pocket,\" Mr. Marker said.
But, he added, \"My bigger concern here is probably that if Washington cut taxes, okay, they don\'t have much service?
\"Back in Slater, 63-year-old Al Yarcho has retired for five years and he is not a beneficiary of the tax cut, but he is concerned about the consequences of the project for the national fiscal and welfare program.
\"That\'s all I know . \"Yarcho said.
\"When you cut your income, either you have to find a new source of income or you have to cut your expenses.
They covered all the wounds.
How are you going to pay?
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