craftsman style sliding doors

by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-28
I was closing a part of my room in my house as a workshop and had to add some doors.
Both ways are about 47 \"wide so I can\'t use 48\" doors and I don\'t want to use smaller ones either.
I built two doors. one a 48-
Inch slider and one with two 24-inch doors.
The door itself is hollow.
Core door of Craftsman
Style decoration was added.
The hardware is actually the pocket door hardware installed on the outside. This is the 48-inch door. It\'s two 24-
The inch doors stick together.
My plan is to get it dirty, but it\'s cold and rainy here, it\'s been a few months, and now there are thousands of pollen (
I don\'t want it to be yellow).
I kind of like how it looks, probably. For the 48-
Inch door, I\'m from two 24-
Hollow core door in inches and screwed a piece of decoration on top and bottom.
I used a table saw to tear the a1 x4 to the width of the door (1-5/16 inches).
This also gives the sliding door hardware a stronger connection point at the top of the door.
For trim, I set my table saw to a width of 1x4 (3. 5 inches)
Cross it with a piece of 3/16 plywood.
Each set of doors uses a 4x8 plywood and about two tubes of liquid nails.
I nailed the edge of the decoration with a DingTalk gun and filled it above the DingTalk with spackle.
There is 1x6 decoration on the door and I extend it all the way to the wall.
Depending on the height of the door and hardware, a piece of 2x3 wood is the perfect size for mounting pocket door hardware.
You may need to tear off 2x4 to get the correct height at different doorways. I used 3. 5-
Inch screws fix 2x3 wood on 1x6 and dry wall, all the way to the bolts.
Pocket door rails are mounted on the outside edge of 2x3.
The pocket door set I used was the 111PD set from Johnson hardware.
I bought two sets for a total of $100 plus extra hangers and plugs including shipping costs. The hollow-
There are some very fragile core doors-
Looking at the cardboard on the top, so the 1x trim on the top is a stronger way to keep the slider hardware.
Each pocket door has two wheels so I added a second pair. Be sure to pre-
Drill these holes so you don\'t crack the wood. The door frame was easy to slide onto the track and I installed rubber plugs at the end.
I also have some extra 1x6 to cover due to the existing decoration, so I took some 2x2 scrap and installed it at the end, so if I need to remove the door, I can remove the lower end cap without showing an ugly one on the trim
I found some cheap u-
Shape plastic guide for Lowes bypass door section.
I cut them in half and screwed them to the floor below and they work fine.
I put the other half guide on the other end of the door to prevent it from hitting the corner trim when I close the door.
I decorate the front and top of the box with 1x4 Mid-fiber board.
It looks good and makes a nice little display stand too!
The first door opened very well and I decided to get fancy and put the window in the second door.
The window is made of a piece of 18x24 clear plastic called Optix, at Lowes, $9 each.
The glass would be a little cheaper, but when my kids inevitably close the door together, I want stronger plastic.
I installed another piece 1x4 on top, reduced to 1-5/16 wide.
I arranged the position of the glass and made the cut mark on the door.
I ended up cutting 1/4 wide on the top and side to accommodate the decor that fixed the window in place.
I cut 3/4 under the window to make a small shelf decoration.
I installed 3.
5 \"plywood on one side of the door, except for plywood under the window, because I wasn\'t sure how high it really was before the window came in.
In order to put the glass on the door, I need to decorate a 5/8 piece of decoration on both sides of the door.
You can buy the 5/8 \"x 5/8\" decor, but it\'s about $3 per piece, so I just tore some of the width of 1x4 to 5/8 \"and used it.
Apply the glue to the 5/8 trim and clip it to 3. 5” trim.
I removed the shield and put a little silicone cauldron on the corner of the plastic to prevent it from sliding around, and then I installed the 5/8 \"trim and 3.
Decoration on the other side.
I spilled out any imperfections and gave everything a primer and two layers of paint (
\"Polar Bear\" Behr brand).
On the second door I became smart and I painted the decoration before installing it next to the glass.
The shelf decoration is a piece of 1x4 with slightly sand grinding on the edges, which is fixed in place by some spare parts of 5/8 decoration.
There are 3 toothpaste.
5 \"wide, matching the rest of the door decoration.
Support tracks are the same as before-
1x6 decorative piece and 2x3 piece of wood.
The pocket door track is screwed in at the outside edge of 2x3.
I once again painted a 1x4 Mid-fiber board trim on the front and top of it, in the same color as the door.
I installed two rubber plugs in the middle to prevent the door from going too far and one on the outside edge.
These can be removed with a screwdriver if the door needs to come out.
The bottom of the door is kept in and out with a small plastic guide attached to the pocket door hardware.
To get the right depth, I attached them to the 2x4 scrap and attached them to the inside of the door opening.
I think these doors look great, light weight and easy to slide on track.
Use lights-
Let me use the weight of my pocket door-
It\'s not something that\'s really heavy, it\'s the door
Saved a lot of money.
The two projects are only about $300 in total.
I want to say about $135 for £ 48.
The door with windows is inch, $165.
I\'m still looking for a handle I like.
I already have all the tools (
Apart from the plywood blade for my table saw)
I also have a lot of things that come with it, like screws, nails and paint.
I spent a lot of time planning this, but if I did a good job following these instructions, I thought a good handyman could do any project for a weekend or two.
If you have any questions or have anything unclear, please feel free to ask me in the comments. Thanks!
List of materials for each group of doors: 1 piece 1x4 decoration, torn into 1-5/16\" ($5)2 hollow-Core 24 door ($19 each)
1 3/16 plywood ($13)
Liquid Nail 2 tubes ($4)
DingTalk nail wood filler or spackle stains or paint for decoration and rails: 1 piece 1x6x8 feet ($6)
1 piece of 2x3x8 feet ($3)
2 pieces of fiber board decoration of 1 × 4 × 8 ($6)
A set of Johnson hardware pocket doors (link)-
$50 per piece, 3 for shipping. 5-
Inch wood screws for Windows: 2-
18 \"x 24\" Optix plastic ($9 each)5/8\" trim-
Rip off from 1x4, but trim the ledge for $3 per 1x4 ($4)
After the project was completed, there was a story in the newspaper about how the sliding doors were both hot and stylish as they looked good and saved space.
I have never been ahead of the style curve!
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