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by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-23
Lucknow: in order to provide safe, economical and high-quality solar lights to people with limited or no access to electricity in rural India, IFC\'s lighting Asia/India project launched Suryodaya
Carry out consumer education activities nationwide to raise awareness of high-quality solar lighting products.
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
The member of the World Bank Group is one of the largest global development agencies dedicated to the private sector in developing countries.
IFC is working to increase energy supply for low-income families in Asia.
The campaign also took place in Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
Suryodaya campaign is an initiative to help build the market for high quality solar lighting products in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan.
The programme will be implemented in all three states in three phases until June 2015.
It is expected to affect the lives of the rural population in more than 8000 villages and generate demand for quality-assured solar lighting products.
The efforts were supported by the governments of the United States, Italy, Austria and Australia.
All the products promoted under the event passed the independent third
The monthly quality assurance testing process, IFC claims.
The campaign will be promoted in rural areas through the use of 360-degree integrated media methods of traditional and non-traditional media
Traditional media.
This includes outreach through mobile exhibitions, school contact program, community contact program, wall art, radio and audiovisual film .
The event was supported by a dedicated free number (1800-2121-312)
Help rural consumers find the nearest outlets to store quality-assured lights and help them make informed choices by solving their common problems with emergency lights.
In Uttar Pradesh, the campaign has been carried out in Allahabad, Bahraich, Varanasi and Gorakhpur, designed to cover the Shrawasti, Balrampur, Gonda, Kheri, Mau, Mirzapur in the next phase of Sitapur, Hardoi, Unnao, Auriya.
This quality assurance framework was developed by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank and was developed by the International Electrical Commission (IEC)
The world\'s leading organization prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.
\"Despite India\'s large population and not having enough power supply, the solar lighting market is still in its infancy today with a penetration rate well below 5%,\" said Anjali Garg, lighting project manager, Asia/India.
She stressed that IFC is engaged in a series of interventions with manufacturers and distributors of solar lighting products to enable consumers to access high-quality solar lighting.
Nearly 0. 38 billion people in India rely mainly on kerosene lighting.
The light emitted by the kerosene lamp is not only insufficient, but also seriously polluted and dangerous.
\"Providing better lighting for the population at large can have a significant impact on health, income, education and the environment,\" Garg added . \".
IFC has also implemented similar projects in other countries, including African lighting, Pacific Lighting, Asian lighting and global banner lighting.
In India, it is working with solar lighting product manufacturers to test their products, support distributors to penetrate markets that have not yet been developed, and engage consumers to generate demand through awareness campaigns.
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