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This is an urgent copy of the \"Special Report\" on March 22, 2011.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Anchor bret baier: before the break, we asked, \"will you start hoarding traditional bulbs before they are phased out to get energy efficient bulbs?
\"So far, 79% said in our online survey that 21% said no.
This is unscientific.
Now, we\'re talking about phasing out 100-
The energy efficiency of Watt incandescent lamps has increased by nearly 30%.
They have stopped production.
Now you have to go to this non-compact fluorescent bulb, or the brochure here ---
What happens if you give up one of them.
\"Let people and pets leave the room.
Ventilate the room for ten minutes and turn off the air-
Adjust and heat, collect all the material, pick up the broken glass and visible powder and put it into a sealed container.
Make sure there is no bulb debris in the house.
Also, some recycling centers may not accept all CFL, so please check your state and hazardous waste administration before you move forward.
After a few hours, continue to ventilate the room where the bulb is broken and turn off the air conditioning or heating. So be careful. Don\'t drop one. (LAUGHTER)
We\'re back in the group.
Fred, Republicans are working to overturn the law, and we should point out that it was passed in 2007 and signed by President Bush.
Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly standards: that\'s true.
Bret I was disappointed that in that poll I was not told if I would stock up.
But I\'ll let you know that I\'m going to stock up on hundreds of old-fashioned bulbs because of those, I mean, think about it, you have kids in your house, and that\'s--
A lot of people will do this, the light bulb is broken, what will you do?
Anyway, this is not the first thing on this road.
Remember when we had to go to the toilet a few years ago or had to go and buy a new one because--
So they will flush a small amount of water?
Then with our dishwasher, they take the phosphate out of the dishwasher cleaner, which means that when you use the dishwasher, the plate is not that clean, in fact, not at all.
Then, remember the shower head, you have to buy the new shower head because they don\'t want that much water, it\'s the light bulb now.
I mean, it\'s really the nanny out of control.
These things, our Constitution, should make sense, there should be some restrictions on what the federal government can do, and I will start with a light bulb. BAIER: Juan?
Juan Williams, senior editor at Hill: You know change is inevitable.
I think the industry supports this.
It seems to me that you have Republicans and Democrats who agree with this because, you know, the idea is more energy efficient.
No one is willing to give up any type of bulb.
In general, I try to avoid this situation.
Er er: a little more specific ---
But there\'s mercury here--
Because there is mercury in it, mercury can pose some danger.
But overall, 15 minutes after you left the room, I mean you started working again.
So let\'s not spill it,--
Er er: this is the EPA guidelines. Just so that --
Right here. Williams: Yes. I\'m saying --
Basically they said you gave the room 15 minutes and you were fine.
Don\'t let the dogs over there.
But bigger things. -
Call the hazardous waste administration?
This is a little different from the dropped line. -
It\'s in the EPA. (CROSSTALK)
Williams: No, no. -
It\'s ridiculous.
I mean, it\'s like reading a warning on your medicine.
Have you read a warning on a medicine? I avoid it. (INAUDIBLE). They scare you.
But this is not--
Look at classic Coke. I will stock up on classic Coke.
But you see, we will have light.
No one will turn off the lights on us.
Syndicate columnist charles krauthammer: So, how many people do it take to change CFR bulbs? Eleven --
One screwed in and ten helped you with a hazmat suit and removed the kids and puppies from the box about 20 miles away, I don\'t know. This is insane.
If the incandescent lamp is such a problem, let the people in the market decide.
You can even get the government to scale up by subsidizing CFR, but give people a choice.
This is exactly what Fred said. The Nanny country has become crazy.
If you don\'t trust people in the market, we have to have a new government system.
Has it been overturned?
Williams: not at all.
There is no way, not even close.
Unfortunately, I\'m afraid not.
As Juan pointed out, the industry that makes bulbs is for this.
Do you know why?
Not because they care too much about consumers.
They made more money in this regard.
Bayer: this is the case with the group.
But please keep an eye on who will not be in the Libyan coalition.
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