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Self Closing Hinges

Self Closing Hinges


If you have an overlay door you will need pivot hinges. One is attached to the top and the other to the bottom of a door, and portions of each are recessed into the door and frame creating a concealed hinge. Flush doors commonly use butterfly hinges. These hinges are so named because they look like a butterfly when opened. They consist of two flaps with screw holes held together by a pin. They mount on the outside of the door and jamb or frame for a unique decorative look. You’ll find them in multiple styles ranging from colonial to art deco and beyond to suit your personal taste.

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Pivot cabinet hinges are made for overlay doors. They are mounted on the bottom and top of the door with portions of each hinge bent over and mounted to the frame and the door resulting in a concealed hinge. They like all cabinet hinges are available in multiple finishes to match you style. One of the most popular types of cabinet hinge is the spring loaded or self - closing hinge. A small spring within the hinges forces the door to close on its own. These work wonders in the kitchen where you are commonly in and out of several cabinets daily.

Even small accessory items in your home can wear a new face with decorative hinges. Take a jewelry box or armoire for example, that may have been passed down from generation to generation, and now reposes on your bureau. Those small pieces of hardware may be becoming stiff and rusty, making the lid more difficult to open. Simply by replacing the old, tired hinges with new decorative hinges will ensure the piece will be in the best condition possible to hand down to future generations, with your own personal added touch.

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Garage doors are usually attached with T-hinges. Shaped like the letter T the horizontal part is attached to the door frame while the vertical part is attached to the door. These hinges can be plain or ornamental and lift up rather than out.

Typically, the type of cabinet door hinge you need is dictated by the type of cabinet door you have. There are three types of cabinet door; lipped, flush and overlay. A lipped door has a lip cut all the way around it. A flush door rests within the door frame and an overlay door rests on the door frame.

There are two basic types of cabinet hinges you likely have in your home. Hidden cabinet hinges give your cabinetry a European feel to them with their recessed hinges that have no visible mechanism. Alternately, you can opt for exposed cabinet hinges, which tend to give a more traditional look and can also add to the overall appearance of the cabinetry.

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