sheet metal counter sinker tool

by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-27
I like to use sheet metal on the side and bottom of the drawer.
So in order to connect them, I like to use screws, but it doesn\'t work well to drill a countersunk hole on sheet metal.
So I would drill a hole a little smaller than a screw and bend the metal into a cone with a large center punch.
It took some time.
So I found this hand punch in an auction house.
It\'s cool, but it only has one punch and mold, so it can only hit a hole of the size.
I wanted to punch more punches and die from scratch, but then port freight started selling knock-on bricks
Now it\'s easy to find them on Ebay: I have no business interest in where you find your fist. )
What really surprises is that the punch and the mold also fit my previous punch.
So now I hit it twice and can hit two holes of different sizes without changing tools.
People can punch holes, and the second punch can cut the \"faucet\" hole for the sheet metal screw.
These hand punches are also great for \"Pop Rivets\" holes.
The molds are all threaded 7/16 \"x 20 tpi (
Thread per inch)
Just a normal Bolt. So I put a 1.
5 \"my lathe and the long bolts in the center drill to one end and open an opening for the sheet metal.
You can drill this by hand or with a drill press, but it is much easier to use a lathe.
It takes 0 to punch in.
275 in diameter, I found a bolt of the right size in my trash can.
One end needs to cut a 90 ° cone on it.
The other end needs to cut the handle down to match the lever of the manual punch.
Below is the size of all length = 1.
4 \"cone at the other end = 90 ° slot: diameter = 0.
18 \"head thickness = 0.
1 \"slot width = 0.
\"I\'m sorry I didn\'t draw a beautiful picture, I hope it will work for you.
So you can screw in the mold and install the punch and you are all ready.
So adjust the mold until you let the metal take shape the way you want it.
You\'ll know when the punch/metal/mold is firmly clamped, so don\'t push further.
Something will break if you push hard!
I hope this will help you to make a tool that I think is useful.
Good luck and peace. Carl.
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