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by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-24
PATNA: more than 12 rupees in corruption.
According to a report sent by Buxar DM Raman Kumar to the state government, up to now, 86 crore purchases and installations have been found in 101 panchayats in the Buxar district
According to official records, during 2006, Ahirauli panchayat in the region purchased and installed 50 solar street lamps in total
2010 mukhiyas each.
However, a recent survey by Buxar BDO shows that none of the 50 solar lights were purchased from the state government\'s node agency Bihar Renewable Energy Development Authority (BREDA)
And authorized suppliers of Bell Joan or cloth radar.
Found that most solar lights are notfunctional.
The investigation, conducted under the order of the Patna High Court, also showed that the solar lights of Ahirauli panchayat were purchased at a price of Rs 31,500 to Rs 46,000 per unit, much higher than the rate (
RS 28,240 per unit)
Approved by BREDA.
Now, the district administration has filed a criminal case with the Buxar industrial real estate Police Department accusing panchayat bris mukhiya Brij Kishore Upadhyay and panchayat33 lakh.
A certificate case of recovery of stolen amounts was also registered with mukhiya and Secretary panchayat.
But Ashuri panchaya is not an isolated case.
Similar embezzlement of government funds from Rs 1.
Of the 101 panchayats reported in the region, a total of 142 panchayats range from 30 lakh to 33 lakh.
Buxar DM Raman Kumar said that certificate cases had been registered with the respective mukhiyas and panchayat secretaries to recover the stolen funds.
Of the 104 panchayats, in view of the violations found in the investigation, FIRs have been presented to the secretary of mukhiyas and panchayat.
Of the 14 panchayats, FIRs were registered as a cost of not ensuring that the documents related to the solar lights were properly maintained, which was released in the other 8 panchayats and at the 11 panchayats exhibition-
According to the investigation report, a notice of cause has been delivered to mukhiyas.
According to a report by Dm Associates, the emergency light plan was not adopted in four panchayts, while a survey by a panchayat is still in progress.
Bhojpur DM reported corruption of Rs 27 a few weeks ago.
79 after a survey of about 200 panchayats out of 228 panchayats in the region.
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