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Stainless Steel Door Hinges

Stainless Steel Door Hinges


Some people don’t like to see their hinge at all. In this case they should invest in Soss or Blum hinges. They are recessed into to the door and frame so they are completely concealed when the door closes. There are also gate hinges for gates and piano hinges which are continuous hinges used on pianos and other things that you want to open completely.

Ancient pivot hinges wore out and were subsequently reinforced with metal. Eventually they were made only of metal. As advances in metallurgy made metal stronger, they could carry heavier loads. They were also advancing by being downsized and used in homes, on doors, trunks, and boxes.


Although steel is one of the most common materials for hinges, they can also be manufactured from brass, bronze or aluminum. However, even when the hinge is constructed of brass or bronze, the pins on a high-quality hinge are still manufactured from steel for increased durability. In addition, hinges designed for the heaviest of doors and highest usage typically are only made in steel due to its strength and durability.

In existence for thousands of years, hinges have come a long way to finally reach their status of today. Early versions involved large boulders and pivots, later evolving into wooden planks and animal hide. Regardless of how humble their beginnings may have been, getting through life without them today would definitely be much more difficult.

Pivot hinges, one of the most popular styles, are designed for overlay doors. One hinge is mounted on top the other on the bottom with portions of each screwed into the frame resulting in a concealed hinge.

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