until diy do us part: 6 home renovations that can tear apart marriages

by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-25
When you stand in front of the altar, you swear that you will be with your partner for good or bad.
For the rich or the poor.
But the sweet vows did not mention home decoration.
Indecisive, temporarily homeless, foraging-
To say the least, it is a hard effort to transform your home.
And, in extreme cases, rebuilding your home can even test the strongest relationships.
In fact, research has shown that 12% of households will consider divorce when the home is renovated.
We took up a large part of the remaining 88% and slept in different beds for a few days.
Here we find six innovative decisions that could lead to a failure in the relationship.
Pictures of Morone, when one side wants a huge 90-
In order to impress his friends, each time the screening \"born on Monday night\", the other party is pushing for more cautious things, and marriage discord may be brewing.
\"9 out of 10 times, the TV size becomes a problem for couples to decorate,\" said Stephanie riodan, designer at Tellus Design Build in Los Angeles.
\"One wants it to be as big as possible and the other does not want it to be the focus of the room.
First decide where the TV will go (
This is another common sticking point)
And then find out what suits the space.
Still can\'t get out?
Fortunately, there is a simple solution: compromise.
TV in all sizes-
Choose one between two extremes.
A photo of Kingsley Belcher koners, it\'s clear that not everyone wants privacy when they pee.
According to torong Beach, California, architect Mark Grisafe said adding a toilet compartment to your main bathroom could be a huge argument for couples.
But first of all: what exactly is the atoilet compartment?
You may know, if not the name: the small room in the bathroom is just right for your toilet. (Yes, space-
It\'s really a thing for New Yorkers who are deprived of their rights. )
\"I think everyone feels the same way about the bathroom cubicle in the main bathroom --
The more private the better . \"
But some people like these little palaces.
The debate on this issue surfaced in almost all of the work that Grisafe involved in the addition of the main suite/bathroom. One-
Half the couple would say, \"What am I hiding?
The other half want privacy because they don\'t have it.
Do their first priority2.
\"Obviously, this is an overall cultural issue and everyone has their own understanding of the goals of this space,\" says Grisafe . \".
\"Everyone assumes that they feel the same way, and it has never been talked about before they have to make a decision.
\"Poor financial management can be the cause of the breakdown of many marriages, but it is equally dangerous to try to save money.
\"The people in the relationship who push cheap contractors --
Or someone who wants to help his unemployed friend \"unite\" by hiring him to do the job --
\"It\'s usually the end of the day that there\'s a steady stream of negative reviews,\" says Grisafe . \".
You know what we mean.
Complaints about cheap cabinets that are not easy to close, or electric panels that blow fuses every time someone turns on the oven and toaster at the same time.
\"This is slowly --over time—
\"I had dinner in a relationship,\" he said . \".
There is a similar risk if you decide to DIY
Even if you are the most convenient homeowner.
\"I \'ve seen a couple working on DIY and starting to get upset while the other couple didn\'t do it the way they wanted it and didn\'t finish a job before going to another job, or just act rashly, \"says Jeffrey welder, a family decoration expert with Vant wall panels.
\"If you decide to handle the heavy work yourself, do it with an open mind, be prepared to work hard, and know that there will be a lot of compromises.
\"Collaborative design and construction photos if you want to see the ugly head of the marriage in the home decor, stay where the couple needs to make a decision on the cabinets, countertops and floors.
Glaze or paste?
Quartz or granite?
Hardwood floor or vinyl?
The conflict in this regard is not surprising.
We all have different tastes.
These are the things you see every day.
Grisafe said, but many couples did not discuss the finishing touches until the game was very late.
\"One of them will say, \'I want this,\' and they will want me to be on their side,\" he said . \".
\"One of the things I told couples when they started breaking up was, \'I have my standard fee, but it\'s double for marriage counseling.
Griisafe hired an interior design consultant even early in the process to prevent conflicts and discuss these decisions in advance.
Amazing spaceship Photo: What color is your dream bedroom?
If you ask your partner this question now, will you have the same answer?
Of course, hesitation in the nuances between the two blue colors may not be a relationship killer.
But if you want to paint your kitchen in dramatic red while your husband insists on using crisp white, then please write on the same page before you start buying samples
\"The paint causes more friction than anything I can think of,\" said the welder . \".
There is a solution if you are really stuck: paint expert.
Treat them like a therapist. but for color.
\"Experts will talk to you about personality, interests and values and help you decide on color schemes that both sides agree to,\" said the welder . \".
Finally, if you really want to test your marriage, start a kitchen makeover.
Promise to put some fireworks.
Not the good one.
Just ask Tony Coleman, a therapist and relationship coach who helped her partner in the process.
\"Especially the kitchen, it\'s too hot --
Because it\'s the heart of the family, \"Coleman said.
\"When you go through the renovation, suddenly it\'s completely chaotic --
You can\'t have a decent meal, you have to find other ways to prepare the food and you don\'t know where to sit.
It made the whole house out of sync.
Coleman said: \"The conflict is also simple because the cost of kitchen renovation is too high.
The average cost of a large kitchen renovation will be increased by $60,000 from your bank account.
Between emotional stress, economic stress, and the kitchen renovation schedule --
This is usually dragged out due to unforeseen problems
You have a recipe for disaster.
\"Kitchen remodeling could ruin marriage,\" she said . \".
\"Many couples told me that they were surprised that the divorce was not over.
This does not mean that you should avoid remodeling altogether.
However, some peacekeeping strategies should be prepared.
Before starting the project, Coleman recommends that you discuss with your partner any questions about cost or inconvenience and plan how to deal with it without a kitchen.
\"This will help to reduce stress, which is the key to the success of the kitchen renovation,\" she said . \".
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