\"you killed kenny\" door stopper

by:Pat Hei Gate Hardware     2020-01-28
Since I bought the first bag of suru (
Please check this link if you don\'t know what this is)
I made a lot of things with it (
Fix my bike, improve the pen, customize the handle of the pick up box, or make my shoes more comfortable. . . )
But for this Instructable, I want to do something bigger.
In order to exchange room air quickly and efficiently, I like to open the window completely.
The problem is that if I forget to close the door, the door will slam.
The door stopper is convenient but either boring or expensive.
So why not?
For those of you who don\'t know who Kenny is, check out the Wikipedia article: you don\'t like South Park, how about Mario?
My brother saw the door stopper and asked me to make one for myself with my head.
Hopefully I can convince him or I will definitely announce the results.
I couldn\'t find a wooden ball of the right size, so I covered a 8 cm foam plastic ball with model clay.
Make two templates, one with 8 cm and one with 6 cm holes and mark the lines as shown.
Use lines as a guide to head modeling.
Remember to flatten the back head as shown in the last photo to give it a better stand.
The Sandpaper will give it a good finish.
You can make the body entirely with model clay, or you can add rigidity with wood as I do.
As you can see in the second photo, my legs are 6 cm wide.
Of course, you can use your own size.
The whole body is about 8 cm long and will be extended with Su Ru later.
I couldn\'t find the mat without the structure, so I had to cut it off with the box cutter.
You can make the template with paper or you can cut the profile freely.
If you don\'t want the red sugru to skip the next step, carve the cover mat with a thin layer of Apoxie and paint the blood red.
To make red pigment milk, you should wear disposable gloves.
You don\'t need too much color to stain the sugru, just use it in a small amount and continue to mix.
Make it easier to apply with water and smooth surface.
Now you have to draw out all the parts you don\'t want to cover with sugru.
You may ask why sugru is carved instead of orange Apoxie.
First of all, it was flexible and I stayed in the rented apartment and I didn\'t want to damage the door.
Second, it has a good grip, I have paved the wood flooring, the wooden door stopper has never worked very well, and third, it is easy to apply.
Stick the body to the mat, the only body part you should really use sugru is the legs and boots, everything else can be simply painted.
Start with orange sugru, let it dry and apply black sugru (
You will have some left, come up with a way to use it before you start, so as not to waste it).
Outline the jacket with a thin black sugru line and a cord on the hood.
Stick your head to the mat and body and congratulate you on your success!
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